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Baby fox crouched cramped in a wire cage. Text says, Real fur = real cruelty.


Founded in Massachusetts in 1979, CEASE is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty and exploitation. Over the past several years CEASE has focused primarily on the issue of fur. CEASE raises public awareness of this issue through media campaigns and public outreach. Learn more about CEASE...

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Contributors’ Comments on Recent CEASE Campaigns

“You guys are amazing!  I love your ads, well—I don't love what is going on in the ads, the poor sweet little animals, but I love that you are out there advertising the cruel reality of fur all over the T.”

“During the past couple of winters I was very upset about people wearing fur trim ... and I firmly believe that their eyes must be opened to the suffering they support with their purchases. After all, it is the consumer who has the power to end the fur trade. Thank you for your efforts!”

“Thank you very much ... for your essential work in educating those who may be kind but ignorant of atrocities toward animals.” 

“... thank you for all the work you do for the animals.  Your ads on the T make my day.”

“Let me commend CEASE on your great Anti-Fur campaign! The posters and banners on the Boston T are outstanding and share the message of compassion powerfully ... Thank you for your dedicated effort to end animal suffering and exploitation.”

“...I find that supporting a local animal rights group can be more satisfying...”

“I've seen your great ads again on the T and just made my ... donation.”

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Fur Industry
The Fur Industry

Factory Farms
Factory Farms

Animals in Entertainment
Animals in Entertainment

And see: The War on Wildlife, Animals in Research, and Overpopulation.

What You Can Do...

Founding members of CEASE hold a banner saying Animal Rights Coalition Peace and Justice for all creatures.

On New Year's Eve, 1986, CEASE walked in the First Night Parade with this banner, then held the banner in Copley Square on First Night and again on New Years Day. Now 2017 is A Year of New Hope for Animals. Whatever the outlook on the federal level, animal advocates will forge on with education, outreach, and advances with protections for animals on the local and state level. Join with CEASE in our efforts to help animals.

If anyone considering wearing fur had to personally take the scared, struggling animals from their cages on a fur farm and apply the electrocution device or snap their necks, fur fashion would quickly lose its appeal. If a prospective fur wearer had to personally dispatch an animal who was gnawing off her own leg to escape a leg hold trap, there is no fur industry propaganda that would work. Fur fashion does make a statement, and it is not a flattering one.

Evelyn Kimber, CEASE board member, letter published in the Boston Globe

Movies & Books

Looking for movies and books about animal advocacy to share with your friends and family? Here are some suggestions:

The Ghosts in our Machine

The award-winning animal documentary The Ghosts In Our Machine tells the story of the myriad ways humans exploit animals. By following the sensitive and heartfelt lens of acclaimed animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, the film offers an artistic balance of beauty without denying the reality of the animals’ lives. Marshall skillfully portrays a hopeful landscape of alternatives by following McArthur as she enters the worlds and souls of animals caught in the “machine” of modern life or rescued to sanctuary.

Food, Inc. DVDFood, Inc. is a film about factory farming. “Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.”
Eating AnimalsJonathan Safran Foer’s new bestselling book, Eating Animals, “explores the many stories we use to justify our eating habits—folklore and pop culture, family traditions and national myth, apparent facts and inherent fictions—and how such tales can lull us into a brutal forgetting.”
Boston Vegetarian SocietySee the Boston Vegetarian Society’s list of recent “environmental, health and animal documentaries that encourage veg living.”

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