Founded in Massachusetts in 1979, CEASE — Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation — is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal advocacy organization. Over the past several years CEASE has focused primarily on the issue of fur. CEASE raises public awareness through media campaigns and public outreach.

CEASE opposes animal exploitation of all kinds. Our decades-long annual late fall/winter ad campaigns on the MBTA mass transit system put the spotlight on fur. We now use digital media campaigns to keep awareness alive of the cruelties of trapping and “ranching” of fur-bearing animals for fur coats and fur trim. We must, since the fur industry finds new ways to promote (and even disguise) their product — trim, fur linings, fur died in unusual colors, mislabeling, etc.

Not buying fur trim or hats or coats is something that people have control over in their own lives that directly helps animals. Avoiding fur is easy to do if we are conscious and compassionate consumers. We are trying to keep this issue — and the guiding principal that animals matter — in the public consciousness.

For 40 years, CEASE has campaigned to gain justice for all creatures, to elevate their stature in society and protect them from harm.