In Loving Memory

Virginia Fuller with her cat Hannah

Virginia Fuller

July 6, 1933 – June 29, 2019

Virginia “Jinny” Fuller was a CEASE member for over 30 years, serving on the board from the 90s to the present, and as President from 1996-2003. Over the course of her life, Jinny drove countless efforts to help animals, especially wildlife. She was particularly active in the Boston area and in her community of Belmont, Massachusetts. She inspired everyone around her, and none more so than those of us in CEASE. We will miss her terribly. We will miss Jinny’s fierce compassion and breadth of knowledge, as well as her grace, her warmth, her friendship, and her unfailing sense of humor. We take heart in how much she accomplished in her lifetime of passionate dedication to helping animals.


Founded in Massachusetts in 1979, CEASE — Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation — is a nonprofit, volunteer organization located in the Boston area. Over the past two decades, CEASE has focused primarily on the issue of fur. CEASE raises public awareness of this issue through digital media campaigns. We create original ads and run them on Boston-area news sites, including university student news sites, and on social media.