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CEASE Media Campaigns

Every year, CEASE runs anti-fur ads on social media and on Boston-based online newspapers, including university student newspapers.

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Our 2018-2019 Winter Anti-Fur Campaign

Baby fox crouched cramped in a wire cage. Text says, Real fur = real cruelty.

Real fur = Real cruelty

Our 2017-2018 Winter Anti-Fur Campaign

Photo of a red fox curled up in the snow, with one eye closed and one eye looking at the viewer. Text says, Please don't kill me for my fur! Please be kind. Go fur-free!

Please don't kill me for my fur! Please be kind. Go fur-free!

Our Ad Archive

Anti-fur ad. Read text in caption below.

How a fur garment begins.

Caged for life on a fur farm. Endless torment. A pitiless death.

Photo courtesty of Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals.

Our 2010/2011 ad in a Boston Red Line car:

Think fur is natural? Think again.

Our 2009/2010 ad in a Boston Red Line car:

CEASE anti-fur ad in Redline, 2009

Our “No way to live, No way to die” ad in a Boston Red Line car:

Fox looking at viewer, with the words No way to live No way to die

Our “Fur Hurts” ad in the Green and Red Line stations in Boston:

Fur Hurts poster in greenline station    Fur Hurts poster in redline station

CEASE Campaign Archive

“Fur. A life of misery. A cruel death.”

“Real fur. Real torment.”

“Think fur is natural? Think again.”

“Fur doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Fur: No excuse for cruelty.”

“No way to Live. No way to die.”

“This fur collar wants her mother.”

“Where Fur Comes From”

“Fur: Uncool. Unkind. Uncaring.”

“Fur is legally cruel”

“Fur Hurts”

“Trapped or ranched...”

“The new trend in furs is to make them look fake...”

“Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...”

“Two reasons not to wear fur trim.”

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