Animals in Entertainment

Animals in Entertainment

Most wild animals used in entertainment, such as circuses and roadside zoos, are deprived of their natural habitat and forced to live out their lives in confinement. There, the complex social, psychological and behavioral needs of each species are inadequately met or routinely ignored.

Behind the colorful facade lies a sad existence of travel, confinement and performance. For many wild animals, the key to training is submission. And submission is the result of a learned fear of punishment, whether physical pain or psychological deprivation.

Elephants at circus.Stop the circus from coming to your town. Meet with representatives from the organization that sponsors circus visits to your town (often the circus is invited as a fundraiser for the Rotary Club or other groups). Inform them, as well as your local police chief and safety officers and your local town council, about the serious public safety risks and the animal suffering issues inherent in the circus. Write a letter on the issue to your local paper, like this letter by a CEASE board member.

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